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About Istria

World-renowned guides now recommend Istria as the new Tuscany, the undiscovered haven of Mediterranean and the future hit destination. Our medieval towns are perched on hills rising above olive groves and vineyards, whose flagship products are recognised worldwide. The olive oils are also listed in the Flos Olei “Bible”.

Istrian wines are praised by British, American and Italian connoisseurs and a growing number of restaurants have entered the famous guides such as the Gaut Millau and Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe. However, I am sure you will  also be enchanted by lovely agritourisms and cellars in the heart of Istria, which discover to their guests original traditional recipes.

Each season in Istria has its charms, and along with the playful and hot summer, one can experience pure freshness of spring or warm sunshine well into autumn. We are expecting you in all colourful seasons that provide a new dimension of recreational, cultural and gastronomic delights.
We have prepared festivals of wine and gastronomy for you, cycling trails through untouched nature and hidden corners, here you are welcomed by UNESCO’s cultural heritage, protected natural beauty...

We’d like to thank you all for remaining faithful to Istria and discovering us yet again, and as well as to all of you meeting us for the first time.

Download: Istria vacation planner (pdf)